What to Expect
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Client Evaluation and Preparation
To help assess your needs, you will be asked to complete a short form. I will discuss the information with you, recommend the best  
approach and explain the procedures. After evaluation, I will leave the room so you may disrobe privately. To permit the greatest  
possible access to areas of stress, it is best to fully undress. However, if you prefer, you may wear loose underpants. Lie on the table  
under the sheet, which will cover you throughout the massage.

The Massage
When you are settled, I will return and evaluate your muscles by touch. If you have any concerns or questions, please discuss them  
with me. A massage should not be painful unless deep pressure is required to release knots. I will check with you often to make sure  
that the pressure is acceptable and that I am in the right place. I want your feedback.  Communication is essential. Keep me informed  
about how you feel - this massage is for you!

Afterward,you may feel lightheaded. This will pass and you will feel wonderful. Eat lightly, rest, drink water (32 ounces or more) to  
flush the system and do not exercise for at least three hours. Depending on the level of pain you were experiencing prior to the  
treatment, you may feel sore the next day. Increase your water intake and you should feel fine in no time.